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CowParade artists range from acclaimed to amateur, young to old. Diversity in art is ensured by the approach that CowParade takes when soliciting artists and reviewing designs.

Paul Flack - Who-ha Da-Da
Who? A group of contemporary artists associated with primitive, outsider and folk art
Ha? The true spirit of primitive art. Witty, spiritual, iconographic, affordable, collectable, self-effacing
Da-Da? From the non-traditional Dada artist movement of 1920's

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Chris Warner
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Eric Waugh
mooCowParading Cow
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James Way
mooRocking Cow
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Michael Weil
mooKeep GA Mootiful
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Lynn Weisbach
mooMiss Udder Putter
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Libby White
mooMagnolia, The Divine Bovine
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Justin Winslow
mooThat's Cow It Goes
mooLighting the Way USA
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Udo Wooten
mooThe Amazing Moodini
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