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Frequently Asked Questions

Who decorates the cows?
Before the start of a CowParade, area artists are invited to send us design submissions. The invitation is an "open call," extended to anyone - and submissions from children are encouraged. The designs are reviewed by a panel of experts and then offered to sponsors. The artists whose designs are selected by our sponsors receive an honorarium.

What is CowParade?
CowParade is a highly interactive and fun public art exhibition that features life-size cows designed and created by local artists and others. The finished cow creations are placed on public display throughout the host city. Past CowParade events have taken place in many other cities, including Chicago, New York, London and Las Vegas.

Why should I submit a design and cow for this event?
CowParade promotes increased public awareness of the value of art in community spaces and studies on the effects of CowParade events attribute significant economic activity in each host city as a result of this event. CowParade also has a significant charitable component. While participation should primarily be viewed as a form of contribution to promotion of the community and arts awareness, it is also a showcase for individual artists and local arts as a whole.

When will the CowParade events take place?
The public exhibition will take place during the summer of 2003, starting in June. In the early fall there will then be a series of fundraising events for charity involving the exhibition cows.

How many entries may I submit?
You may submit up to two designs.

When must submissions be made and to where?
The deadline for submitting your design submission (complete with all the required application materials) is February 28, 2003.

If I don’t live in Atlanta can I submit a cow design?
Yes. Participation is open to applicants wherever located. Please note that applicants, wherever they may be located, whose designs are selected for production will be responsible for arranging shipping for the cow.

Are children allowed to participate?
Yes. The creative expression displayed by children is amazing and we encourage such participation. A parent or guardian will need to authorize participation and signatures for their child.

When will I be notified about my submission?
Artists whose designs are selected for execution will be notified sometime between March 3 and April 28, 2003.

Will I be paid for my submission?
If your submission is selected and results in the completion of a finished cow approved for exhibition, you will be paid an honorarium of $1,000 within 30 days after the completion of the anticipated CowParade Atlanta 2003 live charity auction. The auction is expected to take place during or around October 2003.

Must I assign rights in my work to Cow Parade?
Yes. The application materials include an Application Form & Copyright Assignment, which provides that CowParade will become the exclusive owner of the all rights in the design and the finished cow. You will be given credit as the artist on a plaque associated with the cow and in CowParade publications that include your cow.

Once notified that my design has been selected, where may I pick up my cow?
Your fiberglass cow base will be available for pickup by you from a central storage facility located in Atlanta to be designated by CowParade. If you are not able to pick up your cow from this facility, you may arrange, at your cost, to have the cow shipped to you by a private carrier of your choice.

How heavy are the cows?
Each unfinished cow weighs approximately 100 pounds. While the cows can readily be lifted by a couple of people, you may require more assistance in moving your cow based on the pose selected and your means of transportation.

What are the dimensions and specifications for the cow?
There are three cow poses: (1) standing cow, with head up, (2) grazing cow, with head down, and (3) a reclining cow. The specific dimensions of each of these unaltered poses is as follows:

Standing Cow – Head Up
95”long x 29”wide x 57”high
girth – 83”around stomach

Grazing Cow – Head Down
84”long x 29”wide x 48”high
girth – 83”around stomach

Reclining Cow
88”long x 44”wide x 42”high

Can I choose the pose for my design?
If you specify a choice or if you indicate that your design is specific to a particular pose, we will make every effort to accommodate that choice.

May I alter the pose of the cow?
Yes, so long as structural integrity of the cow is not compromised. Each artist whose design is selected will be given detailed guidelines concerning alterations.

Are there any limitations on designs?
While artists are encouraged to give free reign to their imaginations, you should keep in mind that the audience will be broad based and of all ages and designs should be appropriate for public display. Designs that are religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted. You may view selected cow designs from CowParade events in other cities by visiting

Are the cows ready to be painted?
Each cow is primed by the manufacturer and unless you alter the pose you should not need to reprime the surface.

How must the cows be finished?
Each completed cow must be finished with two topcoats of varnish. An exterior grade sealer that is non-reactive, non-toxic UV-resistant and waterproof is strongly recommended.

What do I do with my cow once it is finished?
Artists will be provided with the location of a central storage facility where the finished cow should be brought.

Is there a deadline for completion of my cow?
Yes, the completion deadline is May 23, 2003.

Where will the finished cows be displayed?
While some cows will be placed indoors, most will be displayed outdoors. We anticipate that the cows will be exhibited individually or in small “herds” throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, but with particular emphasis on areas within the Perimeter. You may suggest a site-specific installation in submitting your design.

Who is responsible for installation of the finished cow?
CowParade will arrange for installation of each finished cow. The artist for each cow may be called upon to assist with post-installation touch up of the cow.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Feel free to contact either Laurel Gross at or 770-955-9605 or Brett Lockwood at or 404-815-3674, both of whom are members of the Artists Relations Committee for CowParade Atlanta 2003.

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