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07/ 02/ 03 Previously Undisclosed: CowParade Atlanta Hideout is Revealed!

ATLANTA - July 2, 2003 - After many weeks at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, 160 cows were moved to Centennial Park last weekend for the kickoff of CowParade Atlanta.

Along with the other festivities of the kickoff weekend, Park Pavilion at 311 Marietta St. was revealed as the previously undisclosed grazing pasture of the CowParade Atlanta cows. The cows were loaded from Park Pavilion into trucks by hand, and then unloaded in Centennial Olympic Park where they grazed until Saturday evening.

The cows were corralled in a 16,000 square foot exhibition hall inside the multi-use facility. David Marvin, president of Legacy Property Group, which administers Park Pavilion, said, "We were proud to host the cows of CowParade Atlanta. They were a well-behaved lot and, above all, our services helped the wonderful cause of CowParade."

The weekend kickoff event was the first time all CowParade Atlanta cows were seen in one place. CowParade enthusiasts enjoyed a day of fun activities including the Chick-fil-A Moo Walk, the Southeast United Dairy Association's Mobile Dairy Classroom, miniature cow paintings, coloring activities, chalk drawings and other crafts and games for children and families.

The kickoff festivities ended Saturday evening when the cows were once again loaded into trucks and driven to their summer grazing pastures in the Greater Atlanta area where they will remain until Sept. 26. More than 75 percent of the cows will be accessible by MARTA, so take advantage of the many opportunities to see these wonderful works of art over the next few months.

CowParade Atlanta 2003 is the Southeastern debut of the world's largest public art exhibit designed to celebrate the spirit of fun, art and community. When the exhibit closes on Sept. 26, the cows will be rounded up and several will be displayed at the American Cancer Society's Cattle Barons' Ball at the Historic Freight Depot in Atlanta on Oct. 11. Many of the cows will be sold through a live auction to be held at the Georgia World Congress Center on Nov. 13, with the remainder sold by an online auction. Proceeds from the auctions benefit the Southeast Division of the American Cancer Society through the Cattle Barons' Ball and TechBridge, a non-profit organization providing high quality, subsidized technology consulting and development services to Georgia charitable organizations.

CowParade is an international public art exhibition that first appeared in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1998 and since then has been hosted by 13 cities around the world. More than $8 million has been raised for charitable organizations and more than $1.5 million has been paid to local artists since CowParade started in 1998. For further information, call the CowParade Atlanta Hotline at 404-898-2915 or visit .

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