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CowParade has extensive experience of delivering high impact marketing programs for sponsors through a unique, highly visible and memorable mechanism. CowParade spends substantially all of the money paid by sponsors on promoting and organizing the event.

As a result, CowParade has demonstrable impact on the metrics that sponsors care about - consumer awareness, traffic and revenues. We have a substantial marketing and public relations committment which gets consumers out on the streets, participating in the art and generally enjoying the contributions of the sponsors.

Any Sponsor may enhance the impact of their sponsorship by purchasing one or more Custom Marketing Programs. For more information, or to discuss a program tailored to your marketing goals and budget, please contact CowParade Atlanta Organizers at 404-898-2915 or via email at

School Art Competition: $100,000 to $350,000
(price dependent on number of cows)

Goal - Branding in schools with parents, teens, children, teachers and administrators
Execution - Sponsor agrees to purchase 10-50 cows and allocate them to a school design and paint competition. CowParade solicits schools to submit designs which sponsor then judges. Winning children and teachers are then given a cow to be painted and displayed as part of the general exhibit. The best cow may be given permanently to the school after the exhibit is over.
Precedent - BASF - CowParade New York, Nordstrom - CowParade Portland
Extensions - Sweepstakes (e.g. Vote for Cow via sponsors webite or telephone service)

Location Maps: $40,000
(price varys by complexity of printing)

Goal - Drive consumer traffic to stores, branding
Execution - Maps of stoers and Cows available in sponsors stores. Notice on cows inviting visitors to pick up maps at sponsors stores.
Precedent - British Tourist Authority - CowParade London
Extensions - Coupons/Special Offers on map. Contest for seeing the most cows.

Cow Collectible: $90,000

Goal - Promote sales of specific product or service, customer contact, possible self-liquidating promotion
Execution - Commission limited edition collectible miniature figurine cow and stock in stores for sale, give away with purchase.
Precedent - Houston ChroniCow, given free to subscribers who renewed subscription. Currently reselling for $50+ on eBay
Extensions - Other licensed merchandise

Audio Guide: $175,000

Goal - Consumer branding, exposure to specific advertising messgae
Execution - Like a museum audio guide with a wireless phone as the device. Plaque on each cow has phone number to "hear me talk," "message from sponsor," "message from artist," or "find other cows."
Precedent - Detailed preparation for CowParade London completed by world's leading audio guide company
Extensions - Business driver for retail establishments. Linked offers. Revenue generation from voting mechanism, sweepstakes etc.

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